Burlington International Airport Noise Land Reuse Plan Update

The Burlington International Airport (BTV) is currently undergoing an airport noise land reuse update. “Noise land” is defined as real property that an airport acquires for land use compatibility in a noise-impacted area surrounding an airport. At this stage, the Airport must determine if the noise land is still needed for aviation related purposes or how to dispose of the property. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that when noise land is no longer needed for noise compatibility purposes, the land will be “disposed” of and that the federal share of the proceeds will be either returned to the FAA’s Airport and Airway Trust Fund or will be used for another noise compatibility project. It should be noted that “disposal” of noise land does not require the Airport to sell the property if it has another “FAA-eligible” purpose. It is the Sponsor’s determination and decision whether noise land is sold, retained by the Airport, leased for a compatible use, or exchanged; however, the decision must be evaluated in a Noise Land Inventory and Reuse Plan and approved by the FAA.

In 2009 the airport completed a Noise Land Inventory and Reuse Plan which included determinations of the noise land acquired through the Voluntary Land Acquisition Program. This project will update the 2009 Noise Land Inventory and Ruse plan by determining the reclassification of the noise land acquired. After a complete review of existing noise land as described above, a recommendation will be provided for each area. The future use of lands disposed of by sale will be subject to the land use and zoning regulations.

This update to the Noise Land Inventory and Reuse Plan will review the previous proposed disposition and future potential use of all noise land listed in the Inventory, as well as any additional properties that have been added / acquired. In order to determine the proposed disposition, a terminal area planning evaluation is included, as well as appropriate coordination with the City of South Burlington. This scope follows the FAA guidelines for the preparation of Noise Land Reuse Plans provided in Program Guidance Letter (PGL) 08-02.