Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) Update

As a result of the City of Burlington and other local municipalities’ expressed interest in ending the voluntary acquisition program and transitioning to other mitigation options, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advised the City of Burlington that an NCP update would be required to pursue additional noise mitigation options. The purpose of this NCP update process was to explore additional mitigation options available, beyond voluntary acquisition, that meet at least the following requirements:

  • Are considered eligible for federal funding under FAA guidelines
  • Provide a benefit to the local residents, especially to those within FAA’s Approved Sound Maps

Every home is unique; not all noise mitigation measures are suitable in every circumstance.  Each type of mitigation option has advantages, and a preferred mitigation measure in one situation may not be usable in another situation. This NCP project evaluated various land use options, taking into account specific attributes of the BTV area.

The revised NCP was prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and associated guidelines.  The process included multiple opportunities for community input.  The available options for noise mitigation were evaluated in terms of potential federal funding eligibility using FOUR FACTORS:

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Impact to Residents
  • Cost
  • Schedule

The updated NCP was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and can be found on our Documents page.